Solertia Insurance

Making a Claim

Our Promise to you

At Solertia Insurance, we know that a transparent, reliable claims service is the most valuable component to any insurance product.

Our Claims are managed by our principal carrier, Sirius International Insurance Corporation.

You can be confident that any Notification or claim you make on a Policy underwritten by Solertia Insurance is managed with the care, attention, and speed it deserves. 

Solertia Insurance, as tax professionals who have underwritten and fully understand the risk, will be closely involved throughout the claims process. We, together with our carriers, are determined to resolve claims in a fast, effective, and fair manner.

How to make a Notification or Claim

You will make a Notification or Claim in accordance with the Policy

We will work with you in obtaining supporting evidence and forming a plan of action

We will work with you to reach the best possible outcome on the risk covered

If the risk is ultimately not successful, payment of your Claim will be made promptly